Linda Pense

Tsuyoshi Anzai, Victor del Oral, Linda Pense - Stipendiatenausstellung, ACC Galerie Weimar, Germany 2020
Pastelzeichnungen - Linda Pense  Pastelzeichnung - Linda Pense
where the bee sucks - Ariel's Dream Linda Pense

acrylic drawing  Ausstellungsansicht spirits Linda Pense
Quote Ariel reporting to Prospero  tempestuous frags
Le Vertige Noir - Linda Pense

TACTICAL MAGIC, Tulca Festival of Visual Art, Galway, Ireland, 2019

Tactical Magic - Entrance Image - Linda Pense  Tactical Magic spirits woodcut Linda Pense

Tactical Magic, curated by Kerry Guinan, explored human manifestations around belief - a particularly pertinent inquiry at a time when beliefs are becoming more polarised. „Those beliefs that we thought were laid to rest, are re-emerging“. „The inspiration for the festival is my belief that art is effectively ‚magic‘ and that it has a profound effect on the world.“

PERENIAL, Raketenstation Museum Insel Hombroich, Germany 2015

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